Shaping Our Destiny Together: A Shared Journey for the Asia-Pacific Region Begins

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Correspondence Details:Khung Keong Yeo, National Heart Centre Singapore, 5 Hospital Drive, Singapore 169609, Singapore. E:

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The Journal of Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (JAPSC) is a timely and important addition to the cardiovascular science sphere in Asia-Pacific. Until recently, there had been no dedicated general cardiovascular sciences journal for the region. In 2021, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology started JACC: Asia. This is important for the region, as the scientific community recognises the rising importance of Asia and, more importantly, of the science arising from Asia. At the same time, the combined leadership of the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (APSC), led then by Associate Prof Jack Tan from Singapore, decided that the time was ripe for a journal from the APSC. Thus, JAPSC was born.

JAPSC is envisioned to be a journal by the physicians of Asia-Pacific, for the people of Asia-Pacific. The editorial board is led by physicians from the countries of the region, with important members from Europe and the US. Scientific development in the cardiovascular sciences in the US and Europe is more mature and advanced than in Asia. Our friends, Prof Jeroen J Bax, Prof Michel Komadja and Prof Adrian Hernadez will provide expert insights to help guide the growth of the journal. Indeed, we hope and expect to invite more world-class experts to join our editorial board, including those from the US and Europe.

The APSC includes members from Australia to the Middle East. We are fortunate to have experts like Prof Stephen Nichols and Prof Wael Almahmeed support us on the journal’s editorial board. Within Asia, we have editorial board members from across Asia, from China, Japan, South Korea and India to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. As we grow the journal, we will call upon more experts from our community to serve on the board.

JAPSC started its call for papers in July 2021. As of 7 December 2021, the journal had received 28 submissions. Six have been accepted and are near to publication, with others currently in peer review or being revised by the authors. The submissions represent a good spread across Asia and bode well for the future of the journal.

What kind of papers would have a home in JAPSC? Clearly, good quality original investigations from Asia-Pacific countries, regional or national statistics, consensus documents or guidelines, review papers with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region and interesting case reports with high learning value will be desirable for the journal.

The APSC is a professional cardiovascular medicine society, with a long history extending from 1956. Throughout its history, though the idea of a journal has been mooted several times, it is only now that we have finally coalesced our will as a region to come together. The journey will be long and there will be challenges along the way. Nonetheless, I am quietly confident that, together, we can build JAPSC into a world-class cardiovascular sciences journal.